With a thankful heart we come and celebrate the well loved Holiday of Thanksgiving. Here you will find holiday recipes, activities, and decor for your next family gathering.

biblical gratitude

5 Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude with your Family

Not too long ago my toddler learned to say sorry and please. He is a repeating robot as he utilizes his newly acquired manners. Yet the phrase ‘thank you’ has been just as prevalent of teaching as the other two phrases, and yet he has resisted putting those words into practice. How do we find ways to practice gratitude in our homes that teach kids gratitude? How do we instruct our children not just to say grateful things, but to practice family gratitude daily in their hearts?

giving thanks

Giving Thanks to God in the Little and Big

Giving thanks to God seems like an easy enough task. So why is it so hard to remember gratitude and thanksgiving in the small things of life? Our hearts tend to spill over with ungratefulness more often than spilling over with gratitude. Yet our creator wants our grateful hearts and we should be offering them in surrender.

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