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There is something about Thanksgiving that is simply cozy and lovely. Setting the table for a family & friends get-together is delightful and having that elegant table setting is the goal for many homemakers.

These free printable Thanksgiving place cards are your ticket to adding another dimension of elegance and coziness to your next Thanksgiving celebration. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving as you use this freebie and prepare

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It’s amazing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I’m already getting my Thanksgiving planner out and marking down what needs to be done.

One thing that is always a joy is to think about how to set the table. Most years my table setting is simple and as fuss-less, as I can get it. After all, it’s about the season of gratefulness and that should be the real focus. However, it is always nice to add some flare to a table and these printable Thanksgiving place cards are just the ticket!

As you can see below my table setting from last year is humble and simple, complete with a pine cones centerpiece! Your table setting does not need to be fancy! It’s more about family time than it is about a grand presentation. However, I do admit that there are also years in which I enjoy and love putting on a grander Thanksgiving tablescape. It’s more about our family members, family traditions, and giving thanks to our creator than a fancy show. It’s about our heart. Are we pursuing a simple or a fancy table for the right reasons? That’s the real issue.

Other Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas

  1. Gratitude Pumpkins – One year we tried this and LOVED it. You basically buy a lot of mini pumpkin and print gratitude statements on them. My intention is to do it again this year and then at each plate, there will be a gratitude pumpkin for people to read and enjoy.
  2. Embroidered Table Cloth – I wish I had embroidery skills because I love this idea from the Homesteading Family. Each year they have their guests write their names on their table cloth and then they embroider the names on them. Each year the tablecloth grows.
  3. I am Grateful Cards – These cards are another great printable from our vault of resources. Children can write out why they are grateful to each person in attendance. It makes for a great keepsake!

Although this is not a place-setting idea, I do think it is a fantastic resource. My friend Mindy has some beautiful Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids that would be excellent to have out for those little ones while they wait for the big Thanksgiving celebration. You can also check out my own kids Thanksgiving placemats for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Another tradition that we love is our Thanksgiving Turkey. Our kids love it when the Turkey comes out and even name it! Then we print gratitude statements on the feathers throughout the season.

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

In the download of the printable Thanksgiving place cards, you will receive six cards that are foldable. They are 4×3 inches full-sized and when folder they are 4×1.75. The perfect size to put in front of any plate setting. Most of the cards are customizable so you can write the person’s name on the place card if you wish.

Download the printable PDF file by clicking the button below. You can also learn more about the upgrade version below. These simple Thanksgiving place cards will make a beautiful addition to your table! You can print on regular paper or card stock, but I do recommend card stock because it will stay up on the table better. There are three different designs in the template below.

In these free printable Thanksgiving cards, there will be a space for you to print guests’ names on the name cards. In the upgraded version there is a Canva template to print the names out on the place cards.

Want to Upgrade?
Want the ease of using Canva to edit the names of your cards? Great! Grab the upgrade for just $3.75! It makes a stunning addition to your Thanksgiving table!

$4.50 Thankful Turkey

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Remember these printables are for personal use only.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving this year? Here are some more Thanksgiving and holiday content to browse through and enjoy. There are many Thanksgiving decor printables and resources for kids.


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Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards
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