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Advent Blocks

Review of Advent Blocks (After we Used them During Advent)

Are you looking for a new Advent tradition that eliminates the anticipation of presents and elevates the anticipation of Jesus’ coming? Advent Blocks were the answer to that pressing need in our family. You will find that Advent Blocks fills in the gaps that other Advent traditions leave behind. There are multiple books for different …

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kids recipe cards

FREE Printable Kids Recipe Cards

During the holiday seasons kitchens are overflowing with abundance. Holiday baking with kids recipe cards is a memory that etches into the minds of children. The smells, the colors, the mess! It’s all a delight to them. Even now, I can remember holiday baking as a child.

Memory Christmas tree

10 Memory Tree Ideas for your Ideal Christmas Tree

Have you ever considered creating a memory tree? There are so many beautiful Christmas trees out there that are filled with family memories. If you are curious to start your own memory tree, here are 10 memory tree ideas for creating your own beautiful memory tree for this and many more Christmas seasons.

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