Let’s be honest, parenting is hard. Yet it is one of the greatest honors God has given us. To be entrusted with children is a great gift and one to not take lightly.

the really radical book for kids

The Really Radical Book for Kids – A Complete Review

The Really Radical Book for Kids is packed to the brim with Bible exploration, history, science, and direction on how we should live as believers in Jesus. However, it’s not just your average book. It’s an explorers guide that was written and illustrated with children in mind. Its beautiful illustrations, stunning design, and short chapters …

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shawn and his amazing shrinking sister review

Shawn and His Amazing Shrinking Sister – A Christian Book about Teasing

Shawn and His Amazing Shrinking Sister is a sweet, colorful, and lovely book about teasing and a Biblical response. The story takes a funny, silly, yet impactful look at the effects of teasing and they approach how to rectify the situation by confessing the sin of teasing or bullying to God. This page may contain affiliate …

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Making time for God

5 Ways to Prioritize Making time for God

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘it’s all about priorities?’ Nothing could be closer to the truth when we are talking about making time for God. Moms are busy. There is not a single mom out there that is not. I’m sorry to burst your bubble mom, but your time limitations are not going to get better. I truly wish I could tell you that someday your time is going to increase, but I cannot. I truly wish that I could tell you that someday your children will be quiet for you to dig deep into the Word of God, but I can’t.

kids exploring outside

Teaching Kids about the Seasons of God

Saying the ‘seasons of God’ seems a little bit more charismatic than I intended. The seasons of God simply mean the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter that God has created for his glory and our enjoyment. How do we instruct our children about the diversity and beauty of each season through practical and enjoyable adventures?

trusting god for a baby

Trusting God for a Baby

Trusting God for a baby when He doesn’t seem to be answering can be one of the hardest things to go through. Everything from guilt to fear can set in and to make matters worse it can be hard to know how to work through all the emotions. My testimony to God and his faithfulness begins with infertility and ends very unexpectedly.

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